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History of the ALCRC

Finally the ancient sport of lure coursing is making a comeback in Australia!

The Adelaide Lure Coursing & Racing Club was formed in March 2014 by a meeting of a small group of interested people, at this meeting our first Committee was selected. Rebecca Kaesler, Karen Pratt and Robb Hassett were determined for South Australia to be involved in the great sport of lure coursing and soon rallied people together and introduced them to the physical fun and pure instinct that their canine companions could become involved in.

At first a small group of people would meet at Shooters Park, Virginia which has a straight track with a drag lure. Since then the club's events have been varied from straight tracks, oval racing at Emerley Park Greyhounds in Two Wells and also short lure races using a home made battery operated continuous lure coursing machine. Members would meet regularly once a month for social events and fun days. Rebecca also realised the benefit of social media and set up a facebook page to help gain community awareness along with the benefit of those great photos of dogs doing what they enjoy.....running!

All sorts of dogs have been attending our fun days from the small to the big, some sleek and some fluffy, sighthounds and non-sighthounds, just about any dog who just wants to chase.

The club's development has had a few hurdles along the way with having to find new ground to hold our events which proved to be a huge challenge. The club required a large open area with no obstacles and relatively level ground to ensure the safety of dogs along with being a convenient location for members. Now with our new grounds at Thomas More College, Salisbury Downs, the club introduced new equipment and now uses an electric lure driving machine. This is more reliable and easier to use with regard to varying the speed to suit the many different running speeds of our dogs.

This off-leash sport is a great way for dogs to blow off steam and have a great time. Lure coursing is moving forward in Australia and is now an official ANKC (Australia National Kennel Council) recognised sport.  As the sport develops, our club also hopes to develop, with one important thing that we will always keep in mind....... 


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